The sales departments of companies working in the contract channel are unsure of how to take advantage of digitalization. There are those who think it is a passing fad driven by the mobility limitations of the pandemic. Others believe that nothing is ever going to be the same.

At the interihotel DIGITAL EDITION, we will make digital tools available to you for use in the contract channel. Take advantage of this opportunity for your sales force to become familiar with these tools, apply them in order to gain contacts during the event, and, later, share with us how you intend to modernize your sales strategy.

The use of new technological tools takes us out of our comfort zones. Not only do you have to invest, you also have to learn. Another concern we now have relates to the degree of sophistication of the technology we employ. On the one hand, we must avoid using tools that are too advanced for our clients (architects, interior designers, promoters) to understand. On the other hand, we do not want to become obsolete, appear outdated and left behind. In an uncertain market situation, prudence and common sense prevail: observe what the leaders are doing and apply changes in phases.

The leaders of the interior design sector are applying a hybrid strategy. They combine a well-thought-out website, including showroom and catalog sections with the product placed in an attractive setting, with a thoughtful, warm approach to personal contact, by way of telephone follow-ups or sending of samples.

And, of course, these leaders participate in digital events, where they can showcase their products and engage with industry influencers and clients. By the way, you will be pleased to know that you will not be alone at the interihotel DIGITAL EDITION: leading companies in interior design products from around the world have already confirmed their participation.

What tools do we make available to you? At the interihotel DIGITAL EDITION you will have your own stand, where you can showcase and interact. In addition to your corporate image, you will be able to exhibit the value ​​of your brand and your products: a selection of your products on the cover, background images of settings, and the possibility of access to your own virtual showroom.

To facilitate contact with your clients, you can collect business cards from everyone who comes by for a "look" at your stand, your sales representatives can meet with visitors face to face and in real time, or, if you prefer, you can arrange an interview at another time. You can also browse the names of those who have signed up for the event so that, rather than wait, you can take the initiative and request an interview. We guarantee a minimum of 50 leads from professionals in the sector.

In addition, we also offer you the possibility of taking your products from your stand and participating in the 4 concept rooms which make use of product placement. This is the most well-known innovation in interior design this year in Spain: the spaces are inspired by four hotel chains and designed by prestigious interior design studios. For more details, read this summary.

We all have concerns about how our product will look in virtual reality spaces. We are tired of solutions that only go half-way... Don't worry, we have an excellent solution that facilitates visibility. Allow us to present a preview of the technology we are going to use (using a pretend space and products). This solution will be applied to the concept rooms in which you can include your products. You can also request your own virtual showroom.

When you participate in the interihotel DIGITAL EDITION, in addition to the quality contacts you have come to expect from us in previous editions, we will help your company advance in the use of digital tools and project an image that your clients will perceive as more up-to-date.


Digitalización en ventas

The high quality 360º immersive technology will provide visitors to the concept rooms with a realistic experience.



Exhibiting brands that register with interihotel before December 1 may participate in product placement within the concept rooms.