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Next interihotel edition: IFEMA Madrid, 19th to 21st of November, 2024

interihotel brings together hospitality design professionals. With visitors from over 40 countries, we have been creating the best learning and business space in the industry for thirteen years. Exhibiting brands, innovative spaces, trends, and the people who define the impact of design on the world.


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the people

Our speakers represent the impact of design in the world.

Their speeches, their ways of doing and their projects define the interior design of contract projects.
You are invited to be part of the community that defines hotel and restaurant interior design.


Cecilia Tham

Cecilia Tham

Co-founder & CEO, Futurity Systems
Carme Pinós

Carme Pinós

Architect, Estudio Carme Pinós
Christian Schallert

Christian Schallert

Founder, Brummell Projects
Manuel Fernández

Manuel Fernández

Head of design, Roth Architecture
Luis Gil & Lorenzo Gil

Luis Gil & Lorenzo Gil

Founders & Project Directors, Plantea Estudio

get to know the speakers from the 2023 edition

agenda of the previous edition of interihotel

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  1. Wednesday, 18 oct. 2023
  2. Thursday, 19 oct. 2023
  3. Friday, 20 oct. 2023

Hospitality trends 24/25

Pepa Casado & Lucía Marín (Futurea)
18.10.23 / 10:30h / Agora

Dreaming light: from the room to the experience

Jordi Ballesta & Carolina Benítez (Anoche) 
18.10.2023 / 11:00h / Atelier

Serenity and temperance

Isern Serra (Isern Serra)
18.10.23 / 11:15h / Agora

Strategy and profitability of design in hospitality

Gema Alfaro, Helena Burstedt, Victoria Motilva, Ana Belén Prim & Covadonga Sanz
Curated by: Mujeres en Hospitality
18.10.2023 / 11:30h / Lounge

5 proposals for architecture

Luis Gil & Lorenzo Gil (Plantea Estudio)
18.10.2023 / 12:00h / Agora

Los Diálogos. Wonderful business

The industry professionals debate their vision of Wonderful business
Moderated by: Mirea Cervera
18.10.23 / 12:30h / Lounge

Design excelence

Isabel Pintado (Four Seasons)
18.10.23 / 12:45h / Agora

Food future scenarios: designing the gastronomic spaces of the future

Elsa Yranzo (Elsa Yranzo) 
18.10.2023 / 13:00h / Atelier

Round table: Wonderful business

Pepa Casado, Isern Serra, Luis Gil, Lorenzo Gil, Isabel Pintado & David Espluga
Moderator: Anatxu Zabalbeascoa
18.10.2023 / 13:30h / Agora

Details that build guest loyalty and strengthen teams

Montse Vicens (Intsight) 
18.10.2023 / 15:00h / Atelier

Light: welcoming and wellbeing

Jordi Moya, Maria Güell, África Sabé, Maurici Ginés & Jordi Ballesta
Curated by: APDI
18.10.2023 / 16:30 / Lounge

Round table: EMEA (UK+UAE)

Trends, current situations and perspectives. Keys, challenges and opportunities.
Moderated by David Cámara
18.10.2023 / 15:15h / Agora

Health in interior spaces: air and lighting in design

Maria Toledo (Toledo y Heras Arquitectura) 
18.10.2023 / 17:00h / Atelier

A journey through the world of hospitality and a new construction project in Marrakech

Christian Schallert (Brummell Projects) & Bergendy Cooke (Bergendy Cooke)
18.10.2023 / 17:15h / Agora

Los Diálogos. Inside out

The industry professionals debate their vision of Inside Out
Moderated by: Mirea Cervera
18.10.23 / 17:30h / Lounge

Round table: Inside out

Manuel Fernandez, Christian Schallert, Maria Esquivel, Mariel Fuentes & Jordi Cuenca
Moderator: Anatxu Zabalbeascoa
18.10.2023 / 18:00h / Agora

Collectible Interiors

Xavier Franquesa (Galeria Il·lacions) 
19.10.2023 / 10:30h / Agora

Sensorial materials for acoustic comfort

Clara Sullà (Sullà Studio)
19.10.2023 / 10:30h / Workshops

Living materials, resonant materials

Javier Peña (ELISAVA) 
19.10.2023 / 11:15h / Agora

Hotel Interior Design: the Revolution of Materials

Ignasi Llauradó, Jade Serra & Natalia Ojeda (CODIC) 
Moderated by: Albert Salvià
19.10.2023 / 11:30h / Lounge

Valuing what it is already there

Géraldine Durieux (Rotor) 
19.10.2023 / 12:00h / Agora

Nature-Based Design: Co-Designing the Habitat of the Future with new materials

Chiara Farinea (IAAC)
19.10.2023 / 12:30h / Atelier

Los Diálogos. New materiality

The industry professionals discuss their vision of New Materiality
Moderated by: Mirea Cervera
19.10.23 / 12:30h / Lounge

Round table: New materiality

Xavier Franquesa, Javier Peña, Géraldine Durieux, Caroline Bianco, Eduardo Loreto & Marta Giralt
Moderator: Marisa Santamaría
19.10.2023 / 12:45h / Agora

How to select sustainable products in my interior design project?

Raul García & Adriana Sanz (inèdit)
19.10.2023 / 15:00h / Atelier

Round table: Américas (USA+México+Caribe)

Trends, current situation and perspectives. Keys, challenges and opportunities.
Moderated by David Cámara
19.10.2023 / 15:15h / Agora

The evolution towards companies with soul

Daniel Truran (B-Corp)
19.10.2023 / 16:15h / Agora

Hotel Transversality. The hotel, a place to feel and learn to live

Miquel Àngel Julià Hierro, Alberto López, Alba Méndez & Felip Neri Gordi (COAC) 
19.10.2023 / 16:30h / Lounge

TRAMO, a new approach to responsible consumption

Felipe Turell (TRAMO, Proyectos Conscientes)
19.10.2023 / 17:00h / Agora

Biophilic Manifesto (landscape for interior design)

Jorge Rodríguez (The Chelsea Gardener)
19.10.23 / 17:00h / Atelier

Los Diálogos. Regenerative hospitality

The industry professionals debate their vision of Regenerative hospitality
Modera: Mirea Cervera
19.10.23 / 17:30h / Lounge

Context and Concept. Extension of the Son Brull Hotel

Carme Pinós (Estudio Carme Pinós) 
19.10.2023 / 17:45h / Agora

Round table: Regenerative Hospitality

Daniel Truran, Felipe Turell, Carme Pinós, Maria Passalacqua, Mathilde Marengo & Zdenka Lara
Moderated by: Cecilia Camacho
19.10.2023 / 18:30h / Agora

Evidence Based Design in Hospitality: When Neuroarchitecture meets AI

Jaisiel Madrid & Alba Méndez (AMBIT Living Spaces Cluster / Interiors Living Lab)
20.10.2023 / 10:30h / Atelier

Social spaces and the digital city

Cristina Mateo (IE School of Architecture)
20.10.2023 / 11:15h / Agora

Artificial Inteligence and design in the hospitality sector

Curated by: Women in Office Design (WOD)
Moderated by: Marcel Benedito
20.10.2023 / 11:30h / Lounge

Design in a warming planet

Daniel Ibáñez (IAAC) 
20.10.2023 / 12:00h / Agora

AI as an ally

Rafael LaRue & Teresa Gómez (Livit Design) 
20.10.2023 / 12:30h / Workshop

Los Diálogos. Brightech

The industry professionals debate their vision of Brightech
Moderated: Mireia Cervera
20.10.23 / 12:30h / Lounge

Creating the future of hospitality: how can we prepare for a rapidly changing future?

Cecilia Tham (Futurity Systems)
20.10.2023 / 12:45 / Agora

Round table: Brightech

Manuel Jiménez, Cristina Mateo, Cecilia Tham, Miquel Àngel Julià Hierro & Irene Trujillo
Moderated by: Soledad Lorenzo
20.10.2023 / 13:30h / Conferences

get to know our program

the brands

Our associates are manufacturer brands and publishers of any kind of product for the interior design of hotels and restaurants: furnishings (rooms, lobbies, outdoor equipment), lighting, textiles, floorings and wall coverings. 

These brands are industry leaders and they specialize in creating comprehensive projects and manufacturing a large number of materials and contract products, covering all areas of a hotel or a restaurant.

interihotel is an environment designed to facilitate the relationship between professionals, where brands specialized in contract present their novelties. You can visit the stands, see and touch their products or request an appointment to meet with their technicians in person.

get to know our brands

interiors living lab

Interiors Living Lab, created by AMBIT Living Spaces Cluster, is an innovation space that connects trends, technology and people. At interihotel we believe that new travelers define the hotels to come.





Moreover, visitors will be able to visit five concept rooms in a virtual reality facility, while interacting in real time with interior design and other users in the space, throughout their hologram. An exclusive innovation by AMBIT Cluster for interihotel.

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