There are those who believe that the best sales tool in the contract channel is a meal with an architect, interior designer or project promoter. This is even more true in the case of Mediterranean cultures; when we seek to bond with others, doing it in person, face-to-face, is a "plus". It's true, and there are a number of studies that support the concept that the building of a personal relationship is crucial to closing a deal . But, how many meals a day can you have with clients?

If our aim is to make new contacts and generate as many leads as possible, we need to hold lots of meetings, allowing us to get right to the point and make that initial assessment of the level of commercial interest. This is what we offer you in the interihotel DIGITAL EDITION.

Companies and organizations have adapted, in record time, to an environment in which face-to-face interaction has been reduced to a minimum. Fortunately, this transformation has been less traumatic than expected, thanks to the growing digitalization process society has already been experiencing and which has been accelerated by mobility limitations as a result of the pandemic. Industry influencers and promoters in the contract channel have not been sidelined, and they are using digital tools to connect and build relationships with clients and providers.

The Interihotel DIGITAL EDITION will generate thousands of visits. What we at CENFIM have already achieved via online sessions in recent months is noteworthy: a total of more than 25,000 views, over 60% of them by architects and interior designers. Take a look at our channel.

The interihotel DIGITAL EDITION will be a setting for building personal relationships, because that is in our DNA: We connect the people and the brands that define hotel interior design. The platform will allow participating brands to make new contacts among professionals attending the event, to schedule appointments with them, and to meet face to face in real time.

Once you have generated those 'pre-interest' contacts, your sales department can then take over and forge a stronger bond with an in-person visit, with catalog and samples. And, then - why not? - enjoy the opportunity to have a fine meal together!

The interihotel DIGITAL EDITION will be held February 15 - 26, 2021.