Interior design experiences these extreme conditions in contract, an intensive use in terms of number of users and the upkeep required to always be in perfect condition. It is a more demanding framework in terms of technical conditions and, above all, daring shapes which serve to give spaces more character and distinction.

Interior design professionals know this and they enjoy designing the Formula 1 of spaces, such as hotels, and then translating what they have learnt in hotel interior design to the domestic setting.

Hospitality professionals also know this and for this reason they want their hotels to have character and, at the same time, the security that a good interior design brings. At the end of the day they drive their hotels at full speed, just like in Formula 1.

Take part this week in the Barcelona grand prix

The Formula 1 of interior design will take place this week in Barcelona and, just like in a grand prix, InteriHotel 2018 opens up a space where you can find all kinds of emotions.

On the track: the best brands

126 brands specialising in contract, warming up their engines to show their skills in a showroom format.

In the boxes: signature design

  • 3 interior designer areas which recreate hotel spaces commissioned by 3 interior design studios that are being launched
  • 1 lounge in which professional colleges of interior design will participate
  • 1 experience area with products made by social economic companies

In the stands: lots to say

More than 40 participants from 8 countries in conferences and discussion panels. Consultancy and hospitality professionals, business analysers and tourism advisors will break down trends and present real hotel case studies.

Supporters and spectators

It’s not only for renowned stars – younger interior designers also have space where they can test drive their fresh ideas in a fresh way. These are the fresh talks.

Award ceremony and champagne

Yes, we award prizes for the most innovative products and the best interior designs…

But, unlike in Formula 1, we all get to drink the champagne at InteriHotel!

We invite you all to come and enjoy this new edition, starting this week. The engines are revving and the lights are ready to go out.