The event’s program features also professional talks, networking activities and special dedicated areas that contribute to make this marketplace, both for quality and quantity of content, a benchmark of Hotel Interior Design in southern Europe.

This upcomming edition of InteriHOTEL Barcelona, organized by CENFIM, will have 200 specialized in contract-hospitality exhibiting brands, 4.000 professional visitors (hotel professionals, architects, interior designers, decorators…), and 1.200 hotel renovation or new building projects are expected to be detected.

Among the exhibiting brands  (all of them contract-hospitality specialists), there are FF&E companies and specific hotel interior products brands (furniture, textile, lighting, flooring, wall coverings, outdoor, bathroom furnishing and domotics). All them will present their own solutions under the same common denominator: the commitment to design that characterizes InteriHOTEL.

International event

InteriHOTEL has been recognized as international event by the Spanish Ministry of Commerce. In this 2017 edition, InteriHOTEL will organize an international activity with architecture and interior design studios, and top decision-makers on design for international hotel chains from Mexico, Dominican Republic and Dubai.

In addition, a significant number of international exhibiting brands is expected,   and also an increase in the total number of visitors from outside our borders.

Areas and special spaces

As in other editions of InteriHOTEL, within the same fairground, different Special Areas will be created, where a wide program of activities will be held. This time, InteriHOTEL’s Exhibition Area —zone for the exhibition of products in design stands - will have an original distribution that will enhance the visitor’s flow and will highlight the different areas or unique spaces.

The Materials & Tech Area will be an exclusive area for manufacturers and distributors of technology and innovative materials for hotel interior design, thought to facilitate the promotion of these materials to architects and interior designers. There, the attendees will get technical information on the characteristics and advantages of the materials, so they will become interested in using them in their contract-hospitality projects. Also, and new in this edition, the exhibiting companies in the Materials & Tech Area,  will give 15 minutes product presentations (Speed Talks), in a dedicated space in the same area.  

The Experience Area, will be a space curated by Ilunion, where the visitors will be able to experience firsthand accessible hotel design, thanks to an interior design that will show innovative product applications and technologies to create more comfortable and accessible hotel spaces to guests with disabilities.
As for the Design Area, this year will be an area with different author design spaces, curated by interior designers with experience in contract-hospitality projects, which will recreate different hotel spaces giving free rein to creativity.

In the Lounge Area, curated by RED-AEDE (Association of Spanish Design Companies), the main brands of Spanish design will present a joint proposal for the decoration and equipment of this area, located at the entrance, whose purpose is to allow the visitor to relax and meet with other professionals.

Professional talks program and discussion tables

The Knowledge Area in InteriHOTEL will be dedicated to share knowledge and experiences between professionals. The area will held conferences during all day about topics significant for the attendees (both hotel professionals and architects or designers). There will be 35 speakers who will present different current issues that, after the presentation, will be considered from other points of view in the discussion tables. The discussion tables will take place next, and will be integrated by relevant professionals from other related sectors in order to obtain a wider vision of the issues.

In addition, after the last professional talk of the morning, the already known "Tapas & Contract" activity will be held, a networking activity that allows the exchange of experiences and the generation of professional contacts in an informal and relaxed environment. The lighting project of the Knowledge Area will be presented by the CICAT lighting cluster, while the decoration of the space will be carried out by companies exhibiting the event.

Innovation award and prize to the best blog entry

One of the highlights of the event is the awarding of the Prize for Innovation in Product for hotel interior design, which is given to the most innovative solution proposed by one of the exhibiting companies at InteriHOTEL. The award is given taking into account aspects such as its impact, originality, utility for the hotelier, aesthetic and functional quality and repercussion on guest satisfaction.

On the other hand, a prize is awarded to the Best Blog Article on hotel interior design  that recognizes the work of bloggers who write on this topic and that contribute to make it more valuable and help to spread good practices and innovation.

Professionals who whish to assist to the event, can register free here