Q: Which have been the reasons that led you to develop SIMON100?

A:  We developed  Simon100 so everyone can 'talk to their home’ using the latest technology but in a particularly easy way. Simon100 is the result of 100 years of experience interacting with electricity. With the Internet of Things revolution, we can provide intelligence to this collection of mechanisms, which are installed in the traditional way. All the spaces in the house are now connected in a smart way and users can control and program experiences at home intuitively, turning it into a more comfortable, safe and, ultimately, allowing each space fitting their inhabitants’ lifestyle. 

Q: Which is the innovation that this switch incorporates compared to other electrical mechanisms?

A: Unlike other mechanisms, Simon100 allows you to create a world of experiences in your home which you will be able to select and adapt to your lifeº: simulating presence at home turning lights on,  controlling the energy consumption, scheduling  a personalized turn on of the lights  when getting  up and the total shutdown when we go to sleep or when leaving the house, as well as the opening and closing of the blinds centrally. The great advantage of Simon100 is that all these features can be programmed in advance, so that our home automatically adapts to the desired environment, when desired and all with invisible technology and with the single press of a key.

Q: How does this switch facilitate an intuitive use?

A: The design and interface of Simon100 devices allow a more intuitive, simple and practical interaction with a much more comfortable and intelligent design of the keys. Simon100 has a horizontal key that provides a larger interaction surface, which can be operated by one hand, facilitating a more intuitive use.

Simply by sliding one finger you can adjust light intensity. Ergonomics is a crucial factor, and the designs are created to the benefit of users.

Q:How does SIMON100 make the installation easier? How does it improve the installer's security?

A: The mechanisms present the 1-click connection system, it’s not necessary to peel the cable, a revolution in security, comfortable and quick installation. The unpeeled cable is inserted into the terminal and the lever is pressed until the click sounds.

The advantage of this installation is that the contact in the terminal is blade-shaped, so when the cable is inserted and the lever is pressed, the contact cuts the insulation part of the cable until it reaches the active part. This system reduces the installation time in half by not having to peel the cable, which allows your installation to be safer by avoiding false contacts. Also the edges of the frame are rounded to avoid cuts or scratches.

Q: How does the SIMON100 become intelligent?

A: The HUB io Simon plug is the essential element that opens us the door to this universe. It gathers and interconnects the other io Simon devices existing in the installation and links them to the digital world. Io Simon devices use protocols based on Wireless standards (Wifi - Zwave Plus).

A revolutionary key, with a normal appearance, is able to convert an electronic mechanism into an iO connective mechanism.  You just have to change the key, which is very easy, without need to modify the mechanism or the installation.

The new Simon 100 iO application allows users to navigate into this new universe and choose the experiences according to their needs, digitizing the spaces.

Q: Why is SIMON100 ready for the IoT?

A: Io Simon is a universe based on the "Internet of things", in which the switches evolve from  analog to digital for the first time, allowing users to adapt the spaces to their lifestyle.  A universe that allows users to do what they have never done before: talk to their home trough their usual , old fashioned, installation .

iO Simon allows to create endless experiences connecting the devices between them, with an intuitive configuration via App and also scalable, because it can be expanded or modified according to the users’ needs.

Q:What is SIMON iO and how is it integrated into the SIMON100?

A: Simon 100 is the first collection with integrated iO Simon system that allows the digitalization of the spaces. We can interconnect the devices chosen by the user, giving spaces a new dimension by becoming an active agent at your service.

Through the simple installation of iO Simon components, we offer users  different solutions to activate their space and find new ways to interact with it and with the other inhabitants of the space.

In short, it’s a connective ecosystem that offers customizable and scalable solutions, without changing the original installation.

entrega premio innovación InteriHOTEL
“Innovation in product for hotel interior design” awards in InteriHOTEL 2016

Simon100, producto ganador del premio a la innovación de InteriHOTEL 2016

                                Simon 100, innovative product winner of the Innovation Prize 2016