Year after year, InteriHotel gives a prize focused on promoting innovation in products specialised in hotel interior design to the exhibitor who presents the most ground-breaking product for the contract. At last year’s edition, for example, the panel of judges, made up of Roger Calleja, Director of innovation at the Gremi d’Hotels de Barcelona hotel association; Juan Mellen, Director of RED-AEDE, a group of Spanish design companies; Jordi Ginabreda, member of the governing body of the professional designers’ association, ADP; Ricardo Guasch, coordinator of the Master’s and Postgraduate department of ELISAVA school of design and engineering in Barcelona, as well as the Director of Master’s in Hotel Design and New Hosteling, and Joaquim Solana, Director of CENFIM, the organising body of IneriHotel. Together they have decided to award the prize to the brand Zennio for their IWAC Display, a customisable access control for hotels, which identifies the clients for accessing the bedrooms or common areas through an NFC card, allowing or denying access according to their authorisation.

On the other hand, given the importance that InteriHotel places on hotel interior design, they also award a prize recognising the hard work of bloggers who are dedicated to writing about this field. For this, they award the prize for the best blog entry on hotel interior design, which was won by PF1 interiorismo last year, with their entry titled Faro de Isla Pancha: vivir en la piel de un farero (Isla Pancha lighthouse: live in the skin of a lighthouse keeper), based on their Isla Pancha lighthouse interior design project in Ribadeo, which entails reconverting this space that originially had a distinct use into a charming hotel.

Finally, and new to this year’s edition of InteriHotel, they will also award a prize to the best interior design among its exhibitors. All of the brands will participate in this competition – the jury will pass by all of the stands and grade them on the following criteria: originality of the proposal, adaptation to the type of hotel space (bedroom, lobby, restaurant, café, bathroom, etc.), level of integration of the different types of products, aesthetic quality of the collection and the functionality of the space designed.