It will be an area decorated with the collaboration of a group of InteriHotel exhibitors, with whom a joint proposal will be drawn up for equipping this unique setting.  Since 2014, CENFIM has made this well-known area in the event available to relevant organisations within the world of home and design, and on this occasion CODIC has been charged with its decoration. In addition, the Association of Interior Designers and Decorators of Catalonia (Colegio de Diseñadores de Interiores y Decoradores de Cataluña - CODIC) will collaborate with InteriHotel in broadcasting the event among its partners and encouraging their participation in the programme of activities.

CODIC is a public law entity that safeguards the interests of the profession and supports the interests of its members and the society to which they provide a service, within the territorial scope of Catalonia.  It works to ensure the profession is respected by other public and private organisations and bodies, and controls the professional ethics of its members.