If you are one of those people who think that in order to have a competitive product (one that "makes a big splash" on the market) you must slave away on your own in front of the computer, you will probably not be interested in reading on. But, if you believe the right approach is to focus your time and attention on the customer, if you have read a bit about marketing and design, or, simply, if you have come to the conclusion that what your customers want is for you to listen to them ... Read on!

What would you give to listen at the door while a hotel chain and an interior design studio talk over the products they need most for a new project? What you learn would certainly inspire and motivate you, right? And that would certainly lead you to come up with a good number of ideas... Now, what if the door suddenly opened and you were invited in to explain how YOUR products could help solve THEIR needs?

That seemingly impossible dream is actually what the interihotel concept rooms are all about.

The concept rooms featured in the interihotel DIGITAL EDITION will provide participating brands maximum visibility via interior design projects in which hotel chains, architects and interior designers will participate. The results should prove quite useful from the perspective of “benchmarking”, but let's not overlook the simple practicality of the experience: it allows brands the opportunity to have a look around at hotel marketing and purchasing departments and at the most prominent national and international interior design studios.

Our concept rooms connect the brands participating in the interihotel DIGITAL EDITION with 4 hotel chains and 4 interior design studios. All of whom share a common goal: to solve customer needs through interior design.

We have invited four hotel chains to participate: these chains vary greatly in positioning and value propositions, and the needs of the clients they target vary widely as well. We have worked individually with each hotel chain in a process of co-creation of a briefing regarding the requirements of particular spaces. In other words, together we have come up with real challenges to be met by innovative interior design proposals.

The most difficult part has been selecting from among the 84 interior design studios that requested to be considered to curate one of the concept rooms. We extend our thanks and appreciation to all of them. And, while only four of the studios could be selected to participate, we will invite all of them to the conferences and round tables at the event.


Concept Rooms


Exhibiting brands that register with interihotel before December 1 may participate in product placement within the concept rooms.

So, what came out of this?

NH Hotel Group has proposed, as their challenge, the design of a room for the Digital trotter customer profile. A space characterized by multi-functionality: a room in which the client can rest, work, interact with others… The Wilson Associates studio, led by Jesse Medina from their London headquarters, has risen to this challenge.

Le Meridien Ra Beach Hotel proposes a dual profile room for this unique establishment, one that responds to the seasonality of use: a corporate look and functionality for conventions, and a vacation lover look and functionality for peaceful luxury. What both profiles share is an eco-hedonist character. Gerard Sanmartí and Gabriele Schiavon, from LaGranja Design, have taken on this challenge.

Castilla Termal Hoteles wants a room that will satisfy the Commited Traveller, the client who is committed, in a broad sense, to the environment to which they travel, where their hotels are located. Germán Alvarez and José Manuel Fernández, of the Cuarto Interior studio, will design a room that meets this challenge.

Guitart hotels has come up with a room for families who enjoy spending their holidays together, the slow family traveler. A space shared by all the members of the family that meets the needs of each and every one, regardless of age and habits. The Patrick Genard & Associates studio has accepted the challenge of designing this room.

And after listening at the door, we'll have them take the elevator. Yes, in order for the studios to learn more about the brands participating in the interihotel DIGITAL EDITION, and to facilitate their selection of appropriate products, we will put them together in the elevator. We have prepared a space for an elevator pitch in which the brands can introduce themselves and offer their products in order to help the interior designers meet their challenges.