interihotel’s Concept Rooms answer that question through an exercise of innovation and design thinking.

A select group of interior design firms, hotel groups and brands have coordinated to face this challenge. Based on a thorough analysis of the new guest’s profiles and the trends in the usage of spaces in the new normal they have created four unique hotel rooms, which can be visited at interihotel DIGITAL EDITION, through interactive 360º tours. Keep on reading to learn more about the Concept Rooms.

The hotel industry is taking advantage of the current situation to study how to prepare its hotels for the new normal. The hospitality design studios receive inputs from several sources which have to be specified in design lines and practical action plans. Brands develop solutions adapting their products to new requirements.

With the Concept Rooms we have put ourselves down to work to help hoteliers, interior designers, architects and brands to visualize the needs of the emerging customer profiles and possible ways to satisfy them, through the design of the rooms, putting the customer at the center.

But we have gone a step further, and undertaken a thought exercise to imagine how these rooms are going to be in the nearest future, incorporating 12 transversal trends for the new normality. Some of them new, others which are strongly consolidating:

Increasing digitization, preference for local, less is more, safe environments, sustainability, multitasking, savings, trust, collaboration, well-being, physical-digital hybridization, and health and hygiene. Interior design studios have incorporated these drivers into their designs and the CENFIM team has been in charge of production in a 100% digital navigable environment, which will be available only at interihotel DIGITAL EDITION, from February 15th to 26th, 2021.



#Digital, #connectivity, #Millennial, #Ecoconscious, #Leisure, #Locale, #Coliving, #Coworking, #Gym

A millennial techie who always manages to make time for leisure on his business trips. This is the Digital Trotter: a socially connected client, an adventurer, a pragmatic and eco-conscious contemporary nomad who seeks to connect with local history and culture. This client travels light, with simple and minimalist habits. At NH Hotel Group they launch the challenge of designing a room for this customer profile, who also works remotely and seeks comfort, without sacrificing the local authenticity.

Wilson Associates Studio has designed an adaptable and multifunctional space to allow the Digital Trotter using it in different ways: rest, exercise, eat, work, meet, entertain, relax... A lift bed in the center with views to the city, a headboard that separates two environments, a folding table and a casual gym are also key elements in the room. Technology, of course, helps to create a memorable customer experience.


#Sustainability, #Locale, #Comfort, #Wellbeing, #Experiences, #Family, #Water, #Light, #Nature, #Usability

Committed, especially to the impact of her or his stay has on the environment. This is the Committed Traveller. A client who needs to connect with the rural environment, to find the emotional balance provided by a peaceful stay. Castilla Termal Hoteles launches the challenge of designing a room that creates the best experience, in which water is the core.

Cuarto Interior has given them an answer by designing, for this client, a room inspired in a 4-star spa, surrounded by nature. In that room everything is carefully thought out, down to the smallest detail. Noble and very natural materials to make the customer feel immersed in a sustainable environment. Water is the common thread in this room, creating a ritual to enjoy the moment before, during and after the shower.


#Ecology, #Wellness, #Negocios, #Getaway, #vacation, #Summer, #Family, #Mediterranean

Two so diverse roles of a client who stays at the hotel at different times: work and pleasure. The Eco-hedonist is an emerging guest, a global traveller seeking to enjoy the pleasures of the world, always with ecological awareness. Le Meridien Ra launches the challenge of creating a compatible room for business and vacation clients, enhancing the experience for both.

Lagranja Design has created a bivalent room for these uses: corporate for conventions and vacation for lovers of calmed luxury. It is an old sanatorium turned to a 5-star hotel facing the Mediterranean, where the client can shower while contemplating the sea. A room that turns into luxury the small and simple things that make people happy.


#Family, #Slow, #Usability, #Versatility, #CSR, #Nature, #Sustainability, #CostaBrava, #Locale, #Virtuality

Having quality time, mainly to share with the whole family and thus strengthen their ties, is their main motivation. The Slow Family Traveller is a seeker of learning experiences, with a “slow” philosophy, with which to balance the day-to-day speed with the necessary disconnection from the vacation period. Guitart Hotels launches the challenge of creating a complete experience for the client who travels with family and stays in a hotel on the Costa Brava.

Patrick Genard & Asociados has reinvented the room of a beach hotel, adapting it to the current era. The room combines four of the elements of nature: water, air, wood and fire, through different materials and objects with which a transformable, technological and multifunctional space is created, for the different uses for every member of the family. Separated from the room lies the bathroom, with seasights, where you can enjoy the unusual natural light in this type of space.

Come to see the Concept Rooms at interihotel DIGITAL EDITION.


The Concept Rooms are framed within the initiative of open innovation Interiors Living Lab developed by CENFIM within the framework of the project "PECT TurisTIC in family", coordinated by la Diputación de Tarragona and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union, within the framework of the ERDF Operational Program of Catalonia 2014-2020. Investment objective in growth and occupation.