At the 2018 edition, CENFIM, the organizing body of InteriHotel, will open this space up to three brands in the housing sector that carry out notable social work. The brands Ferrumplus, l’Estoc and Teixidors are workplaces that are committed to fully including people with diverse development into the world of work.

The three brands participating in this project are references that are known for offering products with a high degree of differentiation and of an excellent quality. Additionally, Ferrumplus, l’Estoc and Teixidors products can be found in both national and international hotel interior design projects.

The Experience Area is a hotel room in a contemporary style, designed by the InteriHotel creative team and created using noble materials, while being both environmentally and socially responsible. The bedroom contains l’Estoc furniture with a “Cradle to Cradle” philosophy, made using reclaimed wood that was originally used in other projects that have come to the end of their lives, giving the wood a new purpose and a new lease of life. The lamps designed by Ferrumplus are made from locally-sourced noble materials, provided by suppliers that employ an ethical code, respecting ecology and the environment. The bed, walls and floors are decorated by Teixidors, a brand with a mission to foster social inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities.  Each exquisitely unique piece is handwoven in wool, cashmere, linen, silk and yak on traditional wooden looms - crafting works of art that give the room a delightfully singular character.