More than thirty years of experience and hundreds of projects endorse the great career of Sara Folch, one of the most famous and recognised interior designers in the country. Since its beginnings, the studio has been open to different types of projects: housing, private homes, second homes, commercial premises, service offices, restaurants, hotels and boat design. Technology together with craftsmanship for the adaptability and conversion of spaces is part of Sara Folch's DNA. Each project opens up a new opportunity to innovate, combine and create special places full of personality. Moreover, each client and each project are unique. The care and adaptation to the needs of the client is one of the priorities of the study. This philosophy has enabled Sara Folch to successfully execute everything from the extension and refurbishment of a 1,000 m² former villa in the heart of Paris, to the construction of a 15,000 m² business complex and the refurbishment of the DiR Diagonal and DiR Up&Down gyms. The design studio has a large team of collaborators: technicians, architects, engineers, designers and craftsmen provide excellence in the creation of a unique and spectacular space.