With a background in architecture and interior design of over 15 years, Maria trained as an interior architect in Mexico City and has since developed her career working on hospitality projects, mainly focused on restaurants and hotels in Europe and America. Her passion is to create unique and functional spaces, combining aesthetics with the operational needs of hotels and restaurants. Her expertise lies in understanding the requirements of all the departments that make up a successful project and translating them into innovative and clear designs that respond to our brand values. She has a special interest in sustainability and best practices that can be incorporated into everyday life, as well as in her projects, from the design to the operational stage.   

What drives Six Senses to do what they do? Because they respect that, like them, their guests believe that travel can have a purpose. Because their customers want them to be honest and authentic, with genuine actions that combine the areas of wellness and sustainability to promote personal health and the health of our planet. In their hotels it is possible to experience something out of the ordinary. Feel more alive. Be part of a community. Play. Ultimately, reconnect with yourself, with others and with the world around you.