He is an interior designer with a degree from DIAC-BCN, holding a degree in Interior Design and Applied Arts from Llotja, and is a Project Manager certified by CCB. Throughout his professional career, he has served as a technical director in various companies within the industry, such as Consulai S.L. and G5 Integral de Arquitectura. Later on, he took on the management roles at Triade Studio and Área Interior Procurement. He has been involved in most of the projects carried out by Derby Hotels Collection, where he began his professional journey. Currently, he holds the position of Creative Director and CEO at Verum Hotel Development SL, of which he is a founding partner. The company is committed to continuous improvement in hotel design and functionality. He also promotes Hartec Hotel Cluster SL for internationalizing projects in the Caribbean within Spain, and serves as the President of the College of Interior Designers, Barcelona delegation, where he organized the first congress hosted by ECIA (European Council of Interior Architects) in Spain.

VHD is a company that can develop a hotel or restaurant establishment from scratch. It is composed of various specialists in the tourism sector, hotel management, marketing, and hospitality project professionals. This approach allows them to understand the focus each investment should take from the very beginning. The initial involvement of specialists related to Hotel Development in the project contributes knowledge to each phase of the process, sharing and coordinating with each other to achieve maximum efficiency and profitability. They understand that every project should have a preliminary focus and study demonstrating what the target customer should find in their establishment.