Architect by the School of Architecture of Barcelona (2009) with an exchange programme in Helsinki (2007), Jade completed her training with a master's degree in Project Management at La Salle URL (2011) and a master's degree in Bioconstruction by the Spanish Institute of Baubiologie (2015). She is a partner at Slow Studio, where she heads the R&D department, focusing her work on researching innovative solutions with a reduced ecological footprint, as well as on the open dissemination of the studio's knowledge with the commitment to reach more people who are committed to low-impact architecture. In parallel to her professional activity, Jade carries out voluntary and active work as a member of the Board of Directors of the Architecture and Sustainability Association of the Architects' Association of Catalonia, where she is part of the decarbonisation group, a task that leads her to participate in talks, congresses and research groups in this field.

Founded by Víctor Vergés and Jade Serra, the studio has a team of professionals who are aware of and committed to sustainable architecture. Its work focuses on achieving projects with minimal impact on people's health and the environment that make responsible use of planetary resources, working on the basis of bioclimatic designs that reduce energy consumption to zero and that are built with biomaterials with a reduced ecological footprint. Its activity in construction projects is closely linked to a commitment to dissemination, its Slow Research section with more than 50,000 monthly visits and its work in social networks are its way of reaching colleagues and clients with the aim of promoting a reduced impact way of building. Their professional career has been recognised by numerous awards and distinctions, and their projects are widely published in international journals.