Interested in the world of hospitality, he began his career in this sector at a very young age. While studying at the Lausanne Hotel School, he gained valuable experience serving customers. Later on, he had the opportunity to work with Design Hotel at their Berlin headquarters and played a key role in the successful launch of their inaugural boutique hotel in Ibiza. After completing his studies, he worked as a consultant on various hospitality-related projects in Europe and North America. In this role, he managed projects from conceptualization to operational execution, demonstrating his ability to turn ideas into thriving businesses. In 2020, he made the entrepreneurial leap and co-founded HOXAR, a hospitality and architecture studio that operates on an international scale. Last year, together with his two co-founders, they created Nakide Contrackt, a pioneering project aimed at fostering synergies in the hospitality sector.

An integrated agency that combines architecture, strategic interior design, and hotel consultancy. They have a team composed of a diverse range of talents, including interior designers, architects, hospitality experts, marketing professionals, and consulting chefs. They offer a wide range of services, including "turnkey" project management from conception to execution, or they can integrate into any phase of an existing project, reducing delivery times and keeping costs within established limits. Additionally, they have in-house resources such as carpentry, metalworking, and a refrigerated showcase factory with over 45 years of experience. This capability allows them to streamline project development by involving engineers and production managers from the design stage, manufacturing some of the furniture and refrigerated showcases in their facilities.