Born in Austria 45 years ago, Christian has been living in Barcelona for 20 years. He studied economics in Austria and Australia, with internships in Munich and New York. He started in Barcelona as a bagel maker in a coffee shop and then launched his career as a photographer in Barcelona. He created a brand of souvenirs (he turned his own photographs into postcards, and later on, T-shirts, swimming costumes... ) which was a success for several years. During that time he started a renovation and flat rental business until he decided to enter the world of hospitality, buying an abandoned building in 2013 and transforming it into the Brummell Hotel in 2015. Four years later he has expanded the brand to Morocco, buying a vacant land next to the Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech and building Maison Brummell from scratch with the help of architect Bergendy Cooke. The new boutique hotel opened its doors in December 2022. 

Brummell was launched in 2013 in Barcelona and opened the first hotel in 2015. It has been a very special project from the beginning, created by friends for friends. The focus has always been on the small, detailed, very boutique, with a clearly defined design aesthetic and a wonderful team of professionals who make guests feel at home. Brummell is for the slow travellers, the urban oasis seekers, the off the beaten track wanderers... Apart from the Brummell Hotel, the company manages 6 flats in Barcelona spread all over the city but run by the same team and aesthetic values.  In 2018 they started consulting and managing Mas Sant Marc, and at the end of 2022 they opened Maison Brummell in Marrakech, an 8-room boutique hotel. By the end of 2023 they will open a 6-room Riad in the Medina of Marrakech.