Iranian architect renowned for his avant-garde and iconic architecture inspired by nature. His passion for travelling and learning about cultures drove him towards architecture as a fusion of art and technology to convey creativity and commitment to innovation. He works with a multidisciplinary team to create a balance between humanity, city and environment, fusing art, technology and sustainability as a leitmotiv in all projects. Initially specialising in luxury villas, he then turned his attention to residential and hospitality projects in the Middle East, such as the Al Jahra Hospital. His works in Spain include the Alàbriga Hotel in Girona and tourist flats in Calonge. He is currently involved in national and international projects, especially in Mexico, where he is leading major sustainable hotel and residential developments. His emotional approach to urban design and his commitment to innovation have left a significant mark on the field of architecture.   

DNA Barcelona is an architecture, landscaping, interior design and design studio, where they develop projects of the highest technological calibre with global strategies. Formed by a multidisciplinary and international team, where cooperation and synergy of different cultures allow for the highest standards. They are currently developing projects in different cultures and environments, both in America, Africa, Asia and Europe; therefore, this cultural background allows them to design increasingly special projects. While they specialise in large-scale architecture and luxury projects, they have a large portfolio that includes medical, educational, residential, commercial and hotel buildings. Following and creating the latest trends in the world of design, they are constantly evolving, always based on the latest technologies so that their projects respond to the needs of new users, as well as respecting the natural environment and the search for self-sustainable cities.