lmiodesign, Egue y Seta and Morphestudio studios will all participate in the upcoming event. Both exhibiting brands and the studios that participate in the area can create future collaborations with each other beyond InteriHotel. The Interior Designers Area is highly valued by the brands, who continue to participate each year. InteriHotel will continue striving to offer these important areas at its future editions. 

ILMIODESIGN is a creative studio focusing on all aspects of the world of design, arising from a 2009 meeting between two Italians and graduates from the Polytechnic University of Milan, Andrea Spada and Michele Corbani. At InteriHotel they will present a concept of a hotel room with retro taste. They believe that luxury lies in colour, and for this reason they play with different geometries that never fail to impress the visitor. 100% of the design of the stand that will be presented at InteriHotel will be made to measure by the studio, from the decorative lighting arrangements, the furnishings, and even the floor graphics. 

EGUE Y SETA is a flexible and multidisciplinary design studio in Barcelona, founded by two former postgraduate colleagues, with a second office in the city of A Coruña and another opening in Madrid. The studio designs areas and experiences (both permanent and temporary) for business, sale or brand positioning, ensuring their clients the highest level of visibility and an optimum level of exposure for their products and services.

MORPH STUDIO is headed by two architects; Miguel Pradillo, who brings his profitable and extensive business experience, and César Frías, who deals with the technical and creative management of the architectural projects. This Madrid-based architecture and engineering firm has generated lots of activity in the residential sector by providing innovative and unique features for their homes, helping them create a large portfolio of new and in-progress projects.