After a meeting of representative members of both organizations, a collaboration agreement has been established through which CODA will contribute to the next InteriHOTEL’s POP-UP, to be held on 26 and 27 April at the Hotel Villa Padierna 5 * GL in Marbella, proposing subjects for the sessions of conferences and making diffusion of the event. CODA will also invite its collegiate members to attend the event.

CODA, a member of the IFI (International Federation of Interior Architecture) and the ECIA (European Council of Interior Architects), has as essential goals: to satisfy general interest in relation to exercising the profession; to be sure that this performance of the profession stays within the legislative and competence framework; to represent and defend the general interest of the profession as well as the interest of the collegiate members; to ensure the adequate level of quality of the professional interior design services and to watch that their activity is subject to the deontological standards of the profession.