The accessible spaces, even the ones in hotels, are the less preferred option for the user that does not require accessibility solutions, because, in general, these spaces are associated to hospital environments due to its design. However, in this respect, the present and future of hotel interior design has an important opportunity consisting trying to develop accessible spaces with a design for all. The goal is to design environments in which accessibility goes unnoticed and are, therefore, suitable for anyone: universal designs.

The InteriHOTEL Experience Area, a space designed by two reference bodies in the accessibility sector - the ONCE Foundation and Ilunion Technology and Accessibility -, will devote their efforts to this purpose, focusing on the importance of universal accessibility as well as considering hotel needs and features, including the Spanish “DALCO” criteria (ambulation, apprehension, location, communication).  In this area, an accessible hotel room will be made available which will include specific elements and technological developments in its design, but in such a way that it remains unnoticed. This allows us to maintain the interior design aesthetics as if it were any other conventional hotel room; what we call an inclusive room, suitable for people with disabilities as well as for people who do not require any special conditioning for their accessibility.

This unique space, which will cover an area of 48 m2, will be located in the Exhibition Area of the InteriHOTEL and can be visited by all attendees during the days of the event (from 25th till 27th of October).