The event

A supernova is an extremely bright and energetically intense stellar explosion that occurs at the end of the life of a massive star. This phenomenon plays a fundamental role in cosmic evolution by releasing energy and spreading essential chemical elements for the formation of new stars and planets.

A supernova is alive for just a few days, but its consequences endure for a huge amount of time. interihotel, just like a supernova, is an ephemeral event that unleashes transformative energy, dispersing essential ideas and projects for shaping a bright future in the hospitality sector.

interihotel is the most important event in Europe in the design for hotels and restaurants sector. It is made of three days in company of  the industry leaders and an extensive activity program for hoteliers, restauranteurs, promoters, interior designers, architects and contract professionals framed within three topics:

  • BLOOM Design (19 November), focused on the power of design as a catalyst for memorable projects and experiences.
  • IMPACT Design (20 November), or how design influences collective consciousness and generates positive impact in the world.
  • VISIONARY Design (21 November), the intersection between innovation and technology to shape the future we desire.

The people

Some of the professionals which will help us to stop, find inspiration, connect and think are the following: Jordi Iranzo & Àngela Montagud (co-founders of Clap Studio), Ana Milena Hernandez & Christophe Penasse (co-founders of Masquespacio), Erik Harley (expert in urban studies), Dimitris Karampatakis (co-founder of K-Studio), Karim Rashid (presidente at Karim Rashid Inc.) or Joao Albuquerque (partner at Bjarke Ingels Group).

interihotel is the best learning space for the hotel & restaurant design industry: it offers a carefully curated exhibition space, which in this edition will welcome up to 250 brands, and exclusive program of conferences, workshops and round tables made up with the indisputables of the industry, innovation and inspiration spaces in the shape of concept rooms and an awards ceremony which will recognise those who contribute to improve the event and the hospitality design industry.