The next edition of interihotel - which will take place from November 24-26, 2021 at the Barcelona International Convention Center - places special emphasis on three elements that have become fundamental to interior design projects: well-being, hospitality and user experience.


Joining interihotel as part of "The caring edition" will be the renowned trendhunter Pepa Casado. She has prepared a report - to be handed out to all attendees - in which she has compiled innovative ideas aimed at adapting hotel spaces to the new needs of travelers. This study, essential for all professionals and influencers in the hospitality sector, makes use of real cases as examples of how to rethink the role of hotel rooms, adapting them to new concepts that have become fundamental.

What experiences are guests looking for in this post-pandemic era? How can a hotel become the ideal destination for visitors? Hundreds of studies indicate that human relationships, contact with nature, and personal growth are a few examples of what attracts tourists; these elements are valued by millions of consumers around the world who are considering a rethink of how they travel. In other words, ideas such as safety, sustainability, well-being, the possibility of telecommuting and the connection with local culture and identity all take on their fullest meaning and represent the starting point for a long list of new trends that lay the foundations for contract projects in the very near future.

Hospitality trends report 22-23 identifies 4 macro-trends, illustrated by way of real projects that rethink hotel spaces, adapting them to new concepts that have become essential. Hotel design professionals can transform these trends into concrete solutions for future projects.

One of these trends is the interest in the traditional, an escape from globalization by immersing oneself in the lifestyle of the local people, creating an experience that goes beyond a simple trip. In this scenario, the function of the hotel is essential to establishing relationships between guests and the local community. Other examples include the use of materials and unique designs from the region to decorate the building, or the use of an area within ​​the hotel accommodations to showcase local gastronomic products. Such ideas can undoubtedly make a difference when it comes to creating new hotel models.

For inspiration, we can look to where such experiences are already taking place. For example, the Hotel Escondido, in Oaxaca, converted by the Decada Muebles studio into a platform showcasing the value of regional artisans.

The mission of interihotel is to connect contract-hospitality professionals and create a network of talent and inspiration among interior designers, architects, distributors, brands, hotel chains, independent hotels, and developers and investors. That is why, in addition to the Visitor's Guide, we will make the Hospitality trends report 22-23 available to visitors to “The caring edition”.

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