The designers of our Concept Rooms have found in interihotel DIGITAL EDITION the most efficient environment for networking with professionals with potential clients: hotel groups and project promoters.

It has taken many months of hard work, and multiple meetings with people who were alien to each other until that point. All of them with a screen in between, yes. Fortunately, it is no less true that this “journey” helped them to create a strong professional and even personal bond. Are you willing to try?

Le Meridien Ra and Lagranja Design, Castilla Termal Hoteles y Cuarto Interior, Guitart Hotels and Patrick Genard & Asociados, NH Hotel Group and Wilson Associates, have worked continuously, within interihotel EDICIÓN DIGITAL, to define what is going to be the interior design of a 5-star Grand Luxury facing the Mediterranean, a Castilia la Mancha spa hotel, a family resort on the Costa Brava and an urban hotel in Barcelona. We have shown that, despite the difficulties, professionals separated by hundreds or even thousands of kilometers can interact and work efficiently in a digital environment. We have created the conditions and provided the tools to make it possible, and the result will be revealed on February 15 in interihotel ‘s Concept Rooms.

If our mission is to connect the people and brands that define hotel interior design, then why don't we act accordingly? So we did. interihotel EDICIÓN DIGITAL will provide a networking framework for architects and interior design professionals to meet, in addition to brands, also with their clients: hotel companies and developers. The platform will assist you in defining your professional profile and interests, which will enhance the quality of each meeting and enable a satisfactory experience (and business opportunities!).

After reading this, some may still believe that the best way to strengthen a professional relationship is a business lunch. Even more in a Latino culture, which demands that “plus” to create a bond, the physical contact. Certainly, some studies support that a personal relationship is essential to close a business, but how many business meals can you have in a single day?