Founded in 2003 by Germán Álvarez, creative director, and José Manuel Fernández, executive director, Cuarto Interior is an Interior Architecture studio based in Madrid, with a large international presence.

Their latest projects include the Roto Ibiza Restaurant, Son Bunyola in Mallorca, Hotel Urso 5 *, Room Mate Gorka, Rocacho Restaurant, Gunilla, Barceló Theater Club, and the ARCO 2018 VIP Room, among others.

The challenge

The Concept Room takes inspiration from the hotels belonging to the thermal hotel chain, which includes 4 and 5-star establishments. Specifically, as a spatial reference in this Concept Room, the studio uses a standard room of the 4-star Hotel Balneario de Olmedo. 

Sustainable living. Promote culture of sustainability that in Castilla Termal Hoteles is born of the architecture of its buildings and is translated into the interior design of its spaces. The space must be linked to aspects rooted in ecology and sustainability, in harmony with the characteristic historic architecture of the buildings belonging to the chain.

Water, a central element. The presence of water is a clear differentiating attribute of the hotel chain. This central element is found throughout the customer’s journey, from spa and treatment area to the overall Committed Traveler experience.

Connection with the local environment. Connect the interior with local roots, for example in the design of the furniture and decorations crafted by local artisans. The “slow” philosophy, typified by concepts such as the consumption of Km0 products and ingredients or the promotion of proximity destinations as a personal action, is aimed at reducing the carbon footprint left by our getaways.

Predominance of natural light. At the same time, light itself should not be an inconvenience when it is time to rest; to that end, the room includes elements that allow for complete darkness, especially at night.

The bathroom as an inspiring element. Invite guests to reflect on the role that the bathroom’s interior design plays in establishing a link between the space and the spa’s wellness services, where “water is lived” and a catalyst point is created thanks to this central element.

An experience to photograph and share. Make the space instagrammable, with a carefully designed aesthetic, that invites photography and inspires the getaway.

An experience to photograph and share. Make the space instagrammable, with a careful esthetic, that invites the photo and inspires the getaway.


Meaningful stays, not just comfortable ones.

The Committed Traveler lives with sustainability in mind, and takes into account the social and environmental impact generated by her stays. For her, traveling is an opportunity to reconnect internally, to rest and, at the same time, to explore and live new experiences (gastronomic, ecological, sports, etc). She seeks out natural environments and rural spaces. This traveler aims always to leave a positive impact on the local environment. She likes being able to trust brands; When she does, she is a particularly loyal type of customer.

The Committed Traveler of Castilla Termal Hoteles stands out as an explorer of the local environment, seeking out and enjoying the heritage, gastronomic and natural resources offered by the hotel and its immediate surroundings.