Founded in 1971, Wilson Associates is an internationally recognized, award–winning full service interior architectural design firm. They are an experienced group of creative professionals in design studios around the world, transforming innovative concepts into unique and powerful experiences.

Wilson Associates has been innovating hospitality design for luxury and boutique brands for nearly 50 years. Today, Wilson Associates offers an even broader range of design services and specialty studios to meet clients’ needs in the ever-evolving hospitality industry.

The challenge

How can we design the best lodging experience for a client who works remotely, seeking convenience, comfort and a feeling of familiarity when traveling? 

Cozy (bubble) - perfect sleep. Comfort and rest are especially important aspects for this client profile, though a balance must be achieved with other activities such as work, relaxation or exercise. The room space should offer everything that our guest needs during his or her trip.

Adaptive features. Include new options that allow guests to customize the Digital Trotter experience easily and transparently. The space must be adaptive and flexible, with configurable elements that can be easily controlled using the digital traveler’s personal devices, as well as via multimodal control interfaces (such as voice command).

Eco-friendly and feel safe. Follow a line of sustainability and protection of natural resources in the use of room equipment, while reinforcing the perception of hygiene and cleanliness.

Connectivity and technology. The technological features available to our Digital Trotter cannot be inferior to those he has at home, especially when it comes to connectivity. Even so, aesthetic solutions are sought that do not lead to a ‘technical’ room.

Do it yourself. Encourage discovery and exploration to help the client carry out more diverse activities from the room itself.

Sophisticated. Moving towards maximum sophistication through interior design, there is an emphasis on the multi-functionality of furniture and technology and on the stimulation of the senses, using colors, shapes and architectural elements that transport guests away from the ordinary.

Connection with local culture and natural elements. Through materials, decoration, textures, etc., and inspired by the local environment.


A person who is creative, flexible and aware.

The Digital Trotter travels especially for work, although he takes leisure time out of his spare time. He belongs to the so-called Millennial Generation. He is adventurous - a new type of contemporary nomad - but pragmatic. He travels light, out of a sense of comfort, but also out of habit. He values the connection between his accommodations and the culture of the city in which he is staying, and he stays in places that project a sense of history and awareness of the neighborhood in which they are located. He likes to connect with other people and like-minded professionals during his stay, and values the existence of common spaces for socializing. He is a conscious traveler, committed to the environment, with a preference for eco products. He also appreciates simple interiors, but ones which reveal a clear personality through their design. Rest is a central theme for this Digital Trotter.