This Concept Room’s design comes from the hand of INDAStudio Barcelona, Sideral and Qualia Estudio, in collaboration with the partners of the project CoontractVR CENFIM, KID’s CLUSTER and the associate companies Fusteria Guardó and The Modern Kids and Family.

The studios have taken the principles of the neuroarchitecture and ecodesign as the foundation of their creative process. In their approach, they have prioritised the emotional design of the spaces and the wellness of the users, covering at all times the needs detected throughout the family experiences at the hotel. In a very particular way, the space uses the concept of playing as a communicative language to express emotions and strengthen the communication between family members, which contributes to generate an immersive experience in a singular and customised space.

Sustainability of the spaces is a central component in this Concept Room, that looks for balance from a global point of view which connects materials, spaces, people and the planet.

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This Concept Room project comes as a result of the co-creation of a concept space which permits, through interior design, answering to the users’ emergent needs and consumer habits.

The Concept Room draws inspiration from key moments of the family experiences at thematic hotels: the arrival, the awakening, the afternoon and the sleep.

The first stage aims to generate an impact and surprise the families at the time they arrive at this space. It is a welcome which creates an unforgettable experience thanks to its striking design and the customizability of its elements.

The second one focuses on the gradual awakening and how to generate it through different environmental stimuli, whether they be natural or programmable. It comprises a nice transition time which starts with a smooth calm and ends with the joy of creating expectations along the family to start the day.

The third stage is that of reunion and calm after being on the move all day, it comprises a space of rest and relaxing play to disconnect from so many stimuli and the crowd. It is a challenge to be solved with the creation of spaces for relaxation and meditation, both for adults and children, created through lighting, aromas and the design itself.

The night and the rest constitute the last moment, by creating a common environment through family games to strengthen bonds and help the deactivation and relaxation of children: creating illusions and expectations for the following day with certain stimuli, game elements and a personalised design and atmosphere.