18.10.2023 / 11:30h / Lounge

Design has become a fundamental component in the Hospitality sector, crucial for setting oneself apart from the competition and standing out in highly competitive markets. It creates the strategic positioning of an asset, forms the foundation of the user experience, the basis for differentiation, and can be a way to discover new market niches and customers. It also becomes an essential tool for creating value and optimizing profitability. Therefore, it is essential to incorporate project parameterization from the design phase, including the potential impact on operational results, value enhancement, and calculating costs per square meter and per room. In times of project enthusiasm and rising costs, the search for maximum resource efficiency is paramount and creates an opportunity to generate new and improved products.

With: Gema Alfaro (Alfaro-Manrique Atelier), Helena Burstedt (Aliseda Inmobiliaria), Victoria Motilva (NH Hotel Group), Ana Belén Prim (Sonder INC) & Covadonga Sanz (Greystar).

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