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Rebecca Milne is director of design strategy & board director at Perkins Eastman.

As Director of Design Strategy at Perkins Eastman, she leads the firm's practice of user-driven innovation. Her background in architecture, interior design and psychology gives her a unique perspective into the connection between human behavior and the built environment. Her keen interest in how space affects behavior has lead her on a quest to understand how the built environment can be leveraged for meaningful change and design impact. She believes in the vast potential of architecture to drive positive and measurable results—in our health, happiness, productivity and well-being. 

Perkins Eastman approaches each project as an opportunity to create a customized solution. Attention to design, detail, and service are the factors that connect the traveler with the hospitality facility. Their design process engages the owner, operator, and team to collaborate and develop the project through stages that strengthen and refine the design. Through their immersive design process, they put themselves in the shoes of both the guest and the operator to experience the hotel from every angle, enabling them to create facilities that serve the highest aspirations of guest experience and operational function.