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Francisco Arocha is CEO and managing partner at HES-GROUP

Powered by decades of expertise in hospitality, entertainment, sports, and real estate, Francisco serves as Director, Managing Partner, President and Owner of several leading hotels and restaurants, is Managing Partner at Aloft Miami Brickell, and successfully forged a dynamic partnership between HES Group and Sunview Companies — furthering the company’s global influence, capability, and reach.

Launching HES Group in 1998, our first major project — the 2001 revival of Venezuelan hospitality icon, InterContinental Tamanaco Caracas Hotel  — largely influenced the direction of our company. From our offices in Miami, we now develop and operate some of the top hotel and real estate concepts in Venezuela and Florida today: including Triptych, Aloft Miami Brickell, Aloft Coral Gables, Hotel Indigo Brickell, Aloft West Palm and more. We proudly own and manage the MLB affiliated Venezuelan baseball team, Tiburones de la Guaira; a cultural passion that elicits the same spectacle and wonder we strive to create in hotels and properties across the globe.