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CEO, EVA Interiors
Dubai, Emiratos Árabes Unidos

Co-Founder and CEO of EVA Interiors. She graduated from the American University of Sharjah with a Bachelor of Architecture. Upon graduation, she worked for numerous international companies on large scale projects in both architecture and interior design. Seema is regionally recognized as an architecture and Interiors expert, with a deep-rooted understanding of the UAE culture and experience in contemporary aesthetics. She is often hosted in leading Arab and regional TV shows and her works published in numerous publications.

Eva was launched in 2009 by Architect Seema Al Mansoory, one of the leading experts in interior design and architecture in the region. Since its foundation, Eva has worked on a diverse and rich portfolio of projects that includes large-scale and residential buildings including palaces and villas, in addition to commercial and corporate offices.

Eva is proud to be one of the leading companies in the interiors Industry with the multidisciplinary approach and with competitive advantage in the United Arab Emirates. We understand how to merge both classic and contemporary aesthetic in line with global interior industry styles, to deliver state-of-the-art design, luxury furniture, finishing materials and decorative accessories sourced from our many partnerships with key industry global leaders and factories in Italy, France, Portugal, Belgium and worldwide.