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partner director, Lemay+Escobar
New York, USA

In his 25 year career, Andres has made a name for himself for delivering ardent luxury projects that create substantial value for its clients, both for private users and for communities.

To name a few, Summit and Charlie West are both hi-end residential livings that sparkle in Manhattan’s midtown area and market; The Watermark at Brooklyn Heights has set a milestone in senior living houses; Orchard Park, a restaurant by awarded chef David Burke, brought to line the aesthetic and the fine dining experience; and the Marriot Courtyard bringing nature inside, the lobby boasts a double-storied vegetation wall illuminated by a skylight. An organic crisscrossing pattern over backlit glass, reminiscent of New York City’s busy street grid, is a signature element across various common areas.

Four Seasons Hotel Montreal deploys a peaceful aesthetic with contemporary lines, and establishes a dialogue with the surrounding built environment; and the project for Casablanca promenade is set to develop a new seaside passage for Casablanca’s Hassan II Mosque and the Ain Diab corniche in Morocco, along five kilometers of coast.

Founded in 2018, Lemay + Escobar Architecture D.P.C. brings together the prolific talents of Andres Escobar and his experiences with renowned developers and acclaimed projects in New York City and throughout major US markets, with the Montreal-based, internationally-recognized architectural firm, Lemay.

Backed by decades of experience, Lemay + Escobar and their award-winning instincts and architectural design excellence has created sustainable living environments and offered unparalleled synergies in powerful, prominent projects around the world. Their influences span outside of their headquarters in New York and Montreal, to all corners of the globe including Miami, Coral Gable, West Palm Beach, Houston, Casablanca, Seychelles, and Shanghai.