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president, PHIBA
Philadelphia, USA

Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, Alvar spent much time in his younger years traveling between his mother’s country, Finland, and Spain’s southern coast. Growing up the son of an architect, Alvar became engrossed in architecture at age seven, watching his father build models and draft over tracing paper. Alvar is passionate about architecture and design. His laser focus on detailing during the design process combined with his understanding of technology, translates into beautiful and memorable spaces. His projects are a mixture of Scandinavian precision and Latin warmth. Alvar works with PhiBa’s clients in Europe and the Caribbean, as he is fluent in English, Spanish, Catalan and Finnish, which equips him with distinct communication advantages as he transforms our clients’ vision and particular conditions of the site into projects that provide unforgettable experiences.

PhiBa Architecture es una firma de diseño de Arquitectura e Interiorismo enfocada en proyectos de hotelería y residencial. Nuestras oficinas, como el nombre del despacho indica, se encuentran en Philadelphia y Barcelona. Trabajamos en proyectos en los EEUU y el Caribe desde 2011, y en Europa desde el 2019. Con raíces en una de las ciudades más emblemáticas del viejo continente, su trabajo es una hermosa combinación del diseño de Barcelona con el estilo de América, creando edificios únicos que aspiran a convertirse en legado.