Stand: B09

Adresse : C/ Sant Marti, 20
Ville : Altafulla
Pays : Spain
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VFM Disseny is an interior design studio specialising in strategic interior design. The studio executes projects for restaurants, bars, hotels, commercial premises and stands for trade shows.

VFM Disseny specialises in projects for companies interested in improving their performance, creating innovative spaces adapted to the needs of their customers, while also taking into account the needs of their employees and their internal operation.

The studio applies MBA and Marketing knowledge to its projects to optimally adapt designs to the strategic plan of each company.

Projects created are designed to meet present and future needs for each space, as well as those of clients. The studio proposes functional designs aimed at the efficient running of companies while taking care of other values such as aesthetics and comfort, with the aim of ensuring optimal client experience, improving customer loyalty and the generation of new business.