Stand: A30

Adresse : Lletget 5
Ville : Sabadell
Pays : Spain
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Noël & Marquet, is the new premium brand for professionals of the Design Elements division of NMC. It is synonymous with the experience and knowledge accumulated over decades in the field of high-end design.

Their new brand represents a seal of guarantee of quality, service and advice at the highest level. With the decorative elements of Noël & Marquet, the Company offers creative solutions for interior decoration, thanks to which you can customize each room, regardless of your tastes or style. The Noël & Marquet brand allows you to create spaces, modern, classic or timeless, but always cozy. Use their products both in private spaces (kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc.) and in professional spaces (restaurants and hotels).

Noël & Marquet offers you a complete range of special profiles, skirting boards and wall panels, as well as a whole line created especially for direct or indirect light by adding LED lights, to highlight the lines of walls or ceilings and thus create customized environments.