Stand: A12

Adresse : Calle Lincoln 23-25 Local
Ville : Barcelona
Pays : Spain
Web :
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Gira is a German electrical switch manufacturer, stablished in 1905, with representation in 38 countries. Nowadays, the company is considered at European level as a reference brand in the high-standing real estate sector.

The product is focused on giving a point of exclusivity. The difference between a Gira product and its competitors is stablished in pure and sophisticated lines. With a large list of design awards, Gira is pioneer in the conceptually different product development and is always at the forefront.

Quality is the third element in question that sets them apart from the competitors with an exclusively European manufacturing process and with exhaustive quality controls. They all compare hotels with home. That is the reason why they propose a more comfortable room, more secure and connected to the world, where the only purpose is to enjoy well-being