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Secrisa’s aim is to be defined with a simple phrase: “Fit with the requirements of the creative professional”.

To achieve this goal they base their value proposition on differentiation through technology and quality, in order to always offer the best solution possible and to give their clients extra value which allows them to conceive the glass as the cornerstone of the architectural project.

They want to turn your ideas into reality, basing our customer orientation upon communication and proactivity as core values in order to meet the needs and demands of the market.

Secrisa is specialized in laminated glass used with architectural and decorative ends; the uniqueness of the products of Secrisa is the incorporation of different interlayer elements and finishing depending on the application or the desire of the client.

Their vision is to continue building a company which develops its activity toward integral image plans, respecting creativity principles with the highest rigor and quality control, giving innovative solutions for each problem that could arise and making Secrisa the custom glass industry world leader.

Stand: B08