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Onna, brand name created by Indutec Solid, company dedicated to the manufacture of bathroom products and auxiliary furniture in Solid Surface, presents, in this edition of InteriHotel Barcelona, its new collection of basins and auxiliary furniture for its hotel. 

Due to the properties of this material, Solid Surface becomes highly recommended for humid zones because is antibacterial, easy cleaning and inconspicuous joints; furthermore, due to its versatility and malleability, allows to create organic figures and impossible geometries that cannot be perform in other material.

Indutec develops projects starting from an idea, sketch or a design provided by the customer. Its machining centers, as well as the 3D design software, allows them to develop prototypes and moulds in different materials, basis for the later set up of the production phase. The Contract department’s main objective is to transform the ideas in efficient projects and with lowest possible cost.   

Stand: F20