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BARIPERFIL presents in this edition of Interihotel two products for interior decoration of floors and walls. 

Kobert In is a large format wall covering, born from the union of the latest digital printing technologies and the most innovative materials. Its composition, robustness and size make it ideal for interior decoration, both in domestic spaces and in public areas. Its large format (2600 x 1220) and its ease of handling make it an ideal replacement for large-sized ceramic tiles.
Allure Isocore is the definitive evolution in floating vinyl flooring. Its rigid core Isocore gives it robustness, dimensional stability and the possibility of manufacturing larger formats than traditional vinyls. Its installation system Droplock 400 allows you to make formats never seen before in floating floors such as square tiles, spikes or the combination of both to make designs type Versailles. Its synchronized finishes and its high resistance to traffic make it the best solution for floors of contract spaces and establishments in the hospitality industry.

Stand: F12