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KAUDEX is a company with more than 60 years of experience in the manufacturing of furniture and integral equipment in the hotel sector, where the requirement of a job well done and the satisfaction of its customers has been the guideline of its family tradition.

The continuous improvement in its services and the constant innovation of its I + D + I Department, allows it to be a reference in these facilities, guaranteed with the presence of these, throughout the national territory and an international expansion increasingly developed.

The project presented by KAUDEX and DUSCHOLUX, goes through the integration of art with Hotel Interiorism, looking for a pure image, with the supposed "cosmic grid" of PIET MONDRIAN, which tries to represent the basic structure of the Universe; with white (presence of all colors), crossed by a network of black lines (absence of all colors) and, in such frame, geometric planes of the primary colors, considered by him, as the elementary colors of it, trying to create a multisensory experience in the customer.

Stand: D18