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Jung, the German manufacturer specialising in switch design and automation systems, will introduce at the next edition of InteriHotel its “Smart Hotel”, an intelligent hotel room equipped with its SD ROOM system, allowing their different automation, control, energy efficiency and comfort solutions to be adapted to any establishment.

At this year’s show, Jung will equip its installation with its LS 990 series of switches, expanding its functionality to the field of lighting: the new Plug&Light system, a series of adjustable LED lights that connect quickly and simply to the traditional aesthetic of the LS 990 range. Furthermore, the German manufacturer will display the latest trends in hotel-specific automation technology: new glass-fronted key card holders, voice-controlled systems, a new touch-screen glass room temperature control, LED signalling or its software for intelligently controlling all aspects of the hotel, helping to notably improve both the establishments´ energy efficiency and the comfort of the guests.

Stand D15