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Michele Corbani and Andrea Spada, the Italian eclecticism of Ilmiodesign. 

In almost a replica of Marriage Italian Style, Michele Corbani and Andrea Spada, ‘met’ professionally in Salamanca while they were studying on the Erasmus programme. Their experience has formed the perfect tandem in the shape of Ilmiodesign. Il mio (mine) to emphasize the value of their ‘Italian-ness’, as well as underlining the provenance and originality of their designs, and design because this is intrinsic in their Milanese blood. Thus came to pass a creative studio geared towards the world of design in every single aspect. 

InteriHotel features the conceptualization of a hotel room with a retro feel. They believe that luxury resides in colour and for this reason they have played with different geometries that are bound to intrigue the visitor. The entire design of the stand was created as a bespoke project by our studio, from the decorative lighting to the furniture and even the graphic design of the flooring.

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