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Hager Sistemas S.A.U., offers complete systems for electrical installation and has specialized in solutions for intelligent buildings and the management and control of energy with switches, KNX solutions and security systems.

Its solutions and services are aimed at the residential, tertiary and industrial sectors.

The range of switchs of the berker series are synonymous of exceptional design, whether classic, modern or contemporary. Multiple times awarded, these collections present a wide range of materials that guarantee maximum quality and personalization: (natural slate, concrete, aluminum, stainless steel, white glass and black glass, porcelain, Swarovski® crystal ...).

The Hager Manufaktur Service allows to customize it switch to make it a unique piece.

With Hager's KNX range of solutions you will connect your home with the future and add value to the installation.

KNX Hager keyboards exist in many finishes of conventional modular switches. With large range of technical possibilities, you can control the most diverse functions, such as light, heating and blinds.

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