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Exagres produces an extruded ceramic stoneware focused on providing specialized technical solutions.

It is a rising value and guarantee of quality, that  has never renounced its origins. We speak of more than 40 years accumulating experience in technical and real projects based on the same type of product.

Exagres develops a wide range of three-dimensional pieces, including steps in various formats. It stands out the large format for both, the base and the special piece, being an advantage for constructive solutions, adapting to the needs of the real market, suitable for residential homes, contract channels or architectural projects.

Its specific product range for swimming pools allows to achieve unique and personalized environments, choosing the shape, design of the pool and choosing between skimmer or overflowing system to achieve a lake effect.

Due to the variety of technical solutions, it allows for an aesthetic pool-terrace integration, including the interior pool walls, with non-slip properties and easy maintenance.

Proyect, an Exagres product series, which offers the highest standards of safety, functionality and hygiene, focused on industrial activities, commercial works, warehouses...

Stand: F15