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Give your guest a memorable experience and make him feel at home with Eissound audio systems. 

Their Bluetooth system, the "In-Wall Bluetooth Audio Receiver", allows pairing with any Bluetooth® device to stream the world of internet music and / or enjoy the music library stored in mobile devices.

Easy to install, the module can be integrated with the most popular electrical light switches in the market.  Installed in the wall prevents theft. Designed to guarantee security, each module has its own identification number that we can personalize to match the room number and avoid interference between adjoining rooms.

They at EISSOUND continue to surprise the sound sector with products such as the KBSOUND® audio kits "Made for iPod iPhone iPad" and to develop audio solutions with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology. They will present these products at InteriHotel Barcelona 2018, stand F8.

Their revolutionary way of thinking means their product range is constantly evolving.

Stand: F08