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They are manufacturers of decorative and acoustic panels, custom-made furniture and highly personalised interior design solutions for hotels, commercial spaces, offices, health centres and residential facilities.

At Mecakim they produce personalised solutions for interior design projects and the furniture industry. They offer their clients a long experience, state-of-the-art technology and a thorough knowledge of materials.

They work together with architects and interior designers to develop specific solutions for their projects. they also work for manufacturers and installers interested in subcontracting the production of components or entire series of furniture. They are different for their extremely custom service, short delivery time and very competitive prices. They have a high technological capacity to carry out your projects, with the most advanced machinery and materials. It is a structured company, competitive and with high capacity to meet your requests.

They have international experience in the manufacturing of customized components and complete solutions for projects in a large number of countries in Europe, America, Africa and the Middle East.

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