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Decostudio is an international company founded in 1968 that is chiefly dedicated to the construction, refurbishment and restoration of all types of public spaces, with special presence in the hotel sector, in which it counts on important clients located primarily in Spain and various EU countries.

Its services cover everything from the design and conceptualisation of different hotel spaces, such as rooms, reception spaces, lounges and exterior areas, to the completion of the construction phase and the turnkey installation of fixtures and fittings.  Strict quality control measures and thorough attention to deadlines are always complied with and are subject to a very competitive pricing policy. Throughout InteriHotel, Decostudio presents a prototype pilot showroom featuring high levels of design and quality and created using the latest industry trends in cladding, flooring, lighting, textiles and fittings, etc.  It also presents a big screen realisation of the company’s most recent projects, including those that have been completed and those that are still in the planning stages.

Stand: D10