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After five years of development, BDECORA introduces the new generation of vinyl flooring. Its high quality base product and finishes make it stand out from the competition, with more than 200 designs available in its modern collection that are suitable both for big projects and for day-to-day use. 

Quality has taken a leap forward this year, which is evident in its unprecedented and revolutionary flooring. BDECORA SPC. flooring is a compound of minerals, polyvinyl and stabilisers, making it thermostable and rigid at the same time. Thanks to this it has the hardness of wood flooring, making it incredibly resistant to impacts and giving a very durable click. Additionally, its matte finishes and superficial structure give it real-wood feel.

Unlike conventional vinyl available on the market, BDECORA is twice as solid and it doesn’t telegraph any unevenness from the surface below.  On the other hand, it retains all of the advantageous properties of vinyl – it can be varnished, it is 100% damp resistant and it is very warm and low-noise.

Stand: M02