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La Fabbrica SpA is an Italian company located in Castel Bolognese, (Ravenna), specializing in the production and marketing of ceramic tiles for floor and wall and large slabs.

The company's strengths are undoubtedly the concept of 100% Made in Italy (all products are designed and produced in-house), a strong push towards exports and the willingness to cater its products to the high-end market. In this sense, the company launched several years ago a new brand, called AVA Ceramica, to which the Extraordinary Size collection exhibited here belongs, among others. Through this project, the company entered the emerging market of large slabs, marketing the size 160cm x 320cm, the largest one on the market today. The thickness 6 mm makes these slabs easy to move and to lay: in addition the presence in the range of the most common sizes 60x60 and 60x120, both in 10mm thickness, makes the project complete and extremely versatile.

La Fabbrica SpA belongs to Italcer Group one of the most important Italian group of high quality ceramic world.

Stand: B06