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Grupo Alvic, manufacturer of components for kitchen, bathroom, office and decoration furniture, stands out for its high level of innovation and technological capacity of its industrial plants, which allows it to develop products that bring innovation and added value to the market. Alvic products are known in the sector for their balance between trend and technology. 

As result of the constant effort to improve industrial processes,  quality and  products performance, Grupo Alvic will present at InteriHotel Luxe Plus, a new product which, due to its special physical-mechanical and aesthetic characteristics, takes a further step towards excellence in the manufacture of High Gloss surfaces.

One of the main characteristics of LUXE PLUS  is the improvement of the gloss level (101 GLU), the sharpness of the reflected image, the barrier effect against environmental humidity and an exceptional resistance to abrasion. In addition to all these attributes, Luxe Plus has achieved a 99.99% reduction in VOC's (volatile organic compounds emitted into the atmosphere), which makes it an ecological product when compared with other products on the market".

Stand: M01